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Instantly verify the source of every email and prevent the phishing attacks traditional cybersecurity solutions can't catch.

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Stay ahead of today's most sophisticated phishing scams


1 out of every 3 phishing emails avoids detection

Sophisticated phishing emails can circumvent email security measures like DMARC, DKIM, SPF and signed certificates because they originate from valid domains and senders.

Cloudphish uses blockchain like a digital passport to authenticate the source of every email

Our Trusted Sender Authentication Network (TSAN) creates a secure handshake between the sender and recipient using blockchain technology to instantly validate the email’s origins and flag any suspicious activity that might indicate an address was compromised.
How It Works

Catch more phish with Cloudphish

Identify threats other solutions can’t detect

Cloudphish fixes the blind spots left by other cybersecurity solutions. You can email with confidence knowing every message between members of your trusted network is verified.

Integrate with your existing tools & systems

Cloudphish’s plugin-based software works with all major browsers, email clients, and legacy anti-phishing solutions to make securing your email identity as easy to implement as it is to use.

Eliminate uncertainty with on-email alerts

Cloudphish provides real-time visual feedback at the top of every email to offer clear interpretation on whether a message is safe to interact with, and to alert users if suspicious activity is detected.

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