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Real time phishing alerts, right in your inbox, for all of your employees.

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Most companies have existing email security in place,
so why are they still getting hacked? 

You’ve probably seen companies in the news getting phished, causing irreparable harm to their business and reputation. Cybercriminals know the weaknesses of those popular platforms and how to sneak past them with sophisticated phishing emails. Other technologies you are using, such as DMARC, DKIM, SPF and signed certificates have major gaps and are a very risky last line of defense to protect your organization.

Why choose Cloudphish?


catches the email phishing attacks other solutions can’t

Verify if every email is safe or from a cybercriminal. Our Trusted Authentication Network (TSAN) uses blockchain technology to instantly prevent sophisticated phishing scams that are otherwise undetectable to traditional and costly email security solutions.

50% of all email phishing attacks impersonate a known contact

Protect yourself, employees, customers, and vendors with sender authentication  that alerts you if a contact in your network has been compromised by phishing.
Cloudphish prevents the most sophisticated email impersonation attacks that slip through your existing email security.

CEO Fraud

Phishing emails that impersonate an executive or leader in your company.

Employee Impersonation

Clone phishing prevention for emails that impersonate a colleague to solicit private data or financial information.

Conversation Hacking

Phishing emails that use a compromised email account to join an existing email conversation without you even knowing.

Vendor Impersonation Prevention

Clone phishing and email spoofing prevention for emails that impersonate a trusted vendor or customer you communicate with.

Securing your company email against impersonation attacks shouldn't be hard.

You don’t have to replace your existing email security software.

Cloudphish easily integrates with your existing email security software working as the last line of defense to stop sophisticated phishing emails.

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Email security that’s easy to install

You can install Cloudphish in a fraction of the time compared to other anti-phishing solutions. It’s a plugin-based software that works with all major email clients, browsers, and devices to make protecting your organization from cybercriminals quick to install and use.

Email Clients

Web Browsers

Mobile Devices

For business and personal accounts

Most employees also use their personal email accounts while at work to talk to family and friends. This leaves your organization open to phishing attacks you can’t see or stop. Cloudphish is available for your employees' work and personal email accounts at no additional cost.

Realtime dashboard

Quickly set up and manage your organization's account from a centralized, easy to use
dashboard that can be easily configured to meet your unique needs and preferences.

Identify the gaps left by other email security solutions


Anti-Phishing Technology Landscape 101

Read the report on how the Trusted Sender Authentication Network compares VS traditional email security solutions like DMARC, Secure Email Gateways, and machine learning AI.


    Cloudphish gives your organization the ability to protect each employee, customer, and vendor without a large IT investment.

    We also will help you install Cloudphish so you’re up and running in just a few days, whereas other anti-phishing solutions can take months to install and start working effectively.

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      $1.99 / Month

    • Unlimited Message Verification
    • Unlimited Network Size
    • Unlimited Devices
    • Cousin Email Detection
    • Domain Maturity Verification
    • Mobile Support
    • Professional Support
    • Implementation Assistance
    • Enterprise Management

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Phishing email scams have become one of the most prevalent and successful forms of cyber-attack for businesses of all sizes. Cloudphish takes the guesswork out of phishing protection with our Trusted Sender Authentication Network (TSAN) that uses blockchain technology to instantly identify phishing attacks otherwise undetectable to employees.

    18-60% of all phishing attempts go undetected by an email security provider. Often this is because attackers are aware of defense strategies available and tailor their attacks to evade them.

    Cloudphish’s Trusted Sender Authentication Network (TSAN) uses blockchain technology to instantly identify an email’s origin and flag any suspicious activity that might indicate an email address was compromised.

    Cloudphish is an excellent addition to legacy anti-phishing solutions for more comprehensive phishing protection.

    Cloudphish’s proprietary Trusted Sender Authentication Network (TSAN) offers a first of its kind email verification tool that protects you against certain attacks that others cant.

    When you sign up for Cloudphish, you build your own trusted network of verified email addresses and domains that will protect your inbox from sophisticated phishing attacks like impersonation, ransomware infiltration, and conversation hijacking.

    For more details on TSAN, see the How It Works page.

    Yes – Cloudphish’s plugin-based software works with all major browsers, email clients, and legacy anti-phishing solutions.

    We are supported on Gmail, Outlook, Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox to name a few so we can easily integrate with your existing tools and systems. Contact us for any specific integration questions.

    We’ll work directly with you to implement Cloudphish from verifying your domain to setting up your trusted network. We’ll walk you through everything to set you and your employees up for success. And don’t worry, Cloudphish is supported by all major browsers, email clients, and legacy anti-phishing solutions.

    We invite you to schedule a demo for more details on Cloudphish and the implementation process.

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