A simpler, more secure way to protect your inbox from phishing

Cloudphish fixes the blind spots left by other email security solutions, and works seamlessly with your preferred email client

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You can’t prevent what you can’t detect

Other solutions focus on the contents of the email once it reaches the inbox, but are unable to validate whether the sender is actually who they appear to be. Cloudphish addresses these blind spots with end-to-end transparency for every email exchanged with your trusted network.

  • 1

    Proof of Device

    Multi-factor authentication is used to verify whether a message was sent from a user’s authorized device

  • 2

    Proof of Domain

    Sending domain is interrogated against 40+ blacklist databases and scanned for high-risk domain profiles

  • 3

    Proof of Sender

    Blockchain authenticates each email at its point of origin and on-arrival to verify the source can be trusted

A digital passport for your email

Think of blockchain like passport control on an international flight. Prior to both departure and arrival, passports are used to verify each traveller’s identity matches their documentation.

Cloudphish’s Trusted Sender Authentication Network (TSAN) works the same way.

When an email is sent, the sender’s details (device, location, etc.) are instantly compared against their verified record using blockchain. If the records don’t match, the email will be flagged by the system.

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Identify the vulnerabilities in your existing email solution


How Blockchain Prevents Phishing Attacks

Detecting phishing is a moving target, and strategies are constantly evolving and increasing in sophistication. Learn about how blockchain prevents phishing attacks other technologies miss. Download the whitepaper:

    STEP 1

    Connect with your browser and email client

    Cloudphish integrates seamlessly with Gmail and Outlook.com using extensions for all major browsers, so setup is fast and easy. A client-side plugin for Outlook is also available for desktop users.

    STEP 2

    Authorize your trusted devices

    2-factor authentication ensures that the devices you use to send email are secured and can be verified using TSAN. Cloudphish is compatible with all iOS and Android mobile devices.

    STEP 3

    Add contacts to your trusted network

    Invite friends, coworkers, vendors, and clients with whom you wish to safely correspond at the click of a button. Trusted contacts can be whitelisted at the address- or domain-level for easy management.

    Crystal clear, visual feedback on every email

    Cloudphish provides visual feedback right in the email header to alert users to any potential threats posed by an incoming message - in context and in real-time. The icon-based alert system provides clear and actionable instructions on how to interact with each email based on its specific threat-level and makes interpretation as simple as possible.


    This email was sent by a trusted contact and has been successfully authenticated. It should be considered safe to interact with.


    This email was sent by a trusted contact but failed authentication. It may be a phishing attempt. Contact the sender before proceeding.


    This email is from an unknown source that failed authentication. It may be malicious. Do not interact with this email unless you requested it.

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