As an industry leader in the financial software space, McCracken will leverage their resources and experience for Cloudphish’s email security application

Cloudphish announced today that it has agreed to be acquired by McCracken, an industry-leading financial software company specializing in solutions for commercial lending and servicing.  The acquisition will help bring Cloudphish’s anti-phishing software to the masses, while expanding McCracken’s suite of software products and services into additional markets. Both companies view the timing of the partnership as critical while phishing attacks are on the rise for both businesses and consumers around the world.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to leverage McCracken’s 30 years of experience as a leading software company and translate that knowledge and expertise to our business. This will really help take us to the next level,” says James Caron, President of Cloudphish. “Unfortunately, right now organizations are learning the hard way that their current defenses don’t stop sophisticated phishing attacks. It only takes one employee to click one phishing email, and the results are catastrophic for their business and reputation.”

Cloudphish immediately identifies impersonation email attacks within the inbox, verifies every email sent and received with real-time feedback, seamlessly integrates with leading email clients, browsers, and existing email security software platforms.  It also works with both work and personal email accounts for an added layer of protection for any business, as many employees also use their personal email while at work or on their mobile phone. 

With their patented Trusted Sender Authentication Network (TSAN) technology Cloudphish has a cryptographically secure Blockchain authentication layer that is unique in the email security market.  “Blockchain has an undeserved reputation with some people who might confuse cryptocurrency with bitcoin being stolen rather than the technology itself, which represents the most secure protocol available. It’s truly a bleeding edge technology in the business email compromise space.”

Cloudphish is available now to organizations looking to stop their executives or employees from falling victim to sophisticated phishing scams.

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Director of Marketing